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Terms and Conditions

The online shop Terms and Conditions

Table of content:
§ 1. [General provisions]
§ 2. [User Registration]
§ 3. [Ordering and Checkout]
§ 4. [Payment]
§ 5. [Delivery of the goods]
§ 6. [Returns policy]
§ 7. [Complaints]
§ 8. [Privacy policy]
§ 9. [Final provisions]

§ 1. [General provisions]

    These Terms and Conditions state the terms and conditions under which the online shop MY ROOM (the Shop) performs and conditions for execution of sales contracts concluded through the shop.

    These regulations shall be deemed accepted by placing an order.

    The online shop is registered in Poland and run by the Seller - company MY ROOM, Registered Address: ul. Smulikowskiego 12/15, 00-389 Warsaw, Registration Number  517525, NIP 1132128016, REGON: 142627140

    The online address of the shop is:

    We cannot guarantee that products description on this page contains no mistakes, and MY ROOM is not liable for any damage or loss caused as a result of this. If you would like some advice or more information please feel free to contact us.

    Company MY ROOM reserves the right to withdraw from sale of certain goods on the Online Shop offer.



§ 2. [User Registration]

    Successful sale agreement depends upon the correct registration of the Purchaser, in particular, but not limited to, correct registration form completion.

    Correctly completed registration form should contain the following data:

    Name and Surname;


    Delivery address;

    Purchaser’s phone number;


    A confirmation e-mail message will be system generated to confirm that the registration process has been completed successfully.

    The Seller is not responsible for any damages resulting from the incorrect, inaccurate or outdated data provided by the Purchaser in the registration form, caused in particular but not exclusively, by improper contact or delivery address details.

§ 3. [Ordering and Checkout]

    Orders can be placed online, by mail or in person in our shop in Warsaw ul. Smulikowskiego 12/15

    Orders placed on weekdays after 01.00 pm, on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be processed on the next working day.

    To place an order online specify the product you intend to purchase by adding it to the ‘Basket’.

    The ‘Basket’ must contain a minimum of 1 item.

    To place an order click ‘Order’ option available in the ‘Basket’.

    When the order is made the system generates an automatic confirmation message to the Purchaser’s e-mail address. The e-mail message contains:   

    The ordered goods names, quantity and price;

    The order date and number;

    Delivery details and costs;

    Address, where complaints regarding the ordered goods can submitted.

    Order is processed one working day after it has been accepted, subject to paragraph 2.

    Before the order is completed the Purchaser has a right to amend or cancel the order. After this time changes or cancellation of the order is impossible.

    Order completion may be delayed from the following reasons:

    Lack of goods in the warehouse;

    The need to prepare the goods for delivery in connection with its characteristic use;

    Computer system error.

    In cases referred to in paragraph. 9 the Seller shall immediately inform the Purchaser of the expected time delay of the transaction, by e-mail or phone.

    In case the goods are no longer available on the market, the Seller will inform the Purchaser promptly of this fact. In this case the Purchaser is entitled to have the ordered goods restored or to cancel the order.

    The Seller reserves the right to refuse to complete a dubious order (i.e. there is no contact with the purchaser; in case of ‘cash on delivery’ orders) suspecting the address data or the Purchaser to be inexistent.

    The price given for each item is binding upon the successful order by the Purchaser. The order is effective if it is confirmed by the Seller.

    Prices of all goods in the shop are expressed in Polish Zloty (PLN) and include VAT. Prices do not include costs of delivery. 

    Every delivered package includes a proof of purchase (VAT invoice or fiscal receipt). In case the Purchaser is subject to VAT and requires an invoice - relevant information shall be sent via e-mail, immediately after placing the order and providing the necessary data.

    Promotions do not combine with other discounts or special offers.

    If the purchasing party chooses prepayment as a payment method, the ordered goods are delivered prior to the earlier payment into the MY ROOM company account.


§ 4. [Payment]

    The Purchaser can select from the following forms of payment for goods ordered:

    Bank transfer – payment is made into the Seller’s bank account              
 ALIOR BANK   02 2490 0005 0000 4600 9183 9020

    Internet transfer – via  Płatnoś

    The final payment contains price for the goods plus the cost of delivery.

    Cost of delivery is consistent with the information posted on the site.  

    If the Purchaser chooses bank transfer or credit card payment as the payment method, the Seller, upon the payment, hands the goods on the courier to be delivered to the Purchaser.

    If the payment is not received within 14 days of accepting the order, the Seller in entitled to cancel the order.

§ 5. [Delivery of the goods]

    The ordered items will be delivered to the delivery address provided in the registration form.

    The expected delivery time is clearly shown for every item on the site.

    Items are sent by courier. Delivery takes place only on weekdays. The items can be collected by the Purchaser or persons designated by the purchasing party. It is not possible to state the exact date and time of delivery.

§ 6. [Returns policy]

1. The Customer cannot cancel the order after the goods have been sent.

2. According to the Act of 2 March 2000 on protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by products (OJ No 22, item. 271 of 2000, as amended), the Customer has the right to cancel the contract within 10 days from delivery, by submitting a written statement which must be attached to the returned items.

3.  Returns will be considered on the basis of items returned with invoice or receipt and correctly completed return form:
      download the file: RETURN FORM   

4. The written statement attached to the returned goods must contain:

- Client number;
- Address (street, house/flat number, post code, city/town);
- the items name, number, and how many are being returned;
- reason why the items are being returned;
- if the Client wishes to have the refund transferred into the bank account, also the account number and the account owner’s name.

5. Returned items must be submitted in the original and complete packaging and cannot bear traces of use (including traces of assembly etc.).

6. Shop guarantees the Purchaser a full reimbursement of the price for the goods. Refunds will be made within 5 working days into a bank account designated by the Customer.

7. Returned items must be sent to the shop address.


§ 7. [Complaints]

1. Items go through a careful quality check before they are sent to the Customer. In case of discovering mechanical damages on delivery, the Customer has a right to submit a complaint.

2. Complaints will be considered on the basis of items returned with correctly completed complaint form. Complaints will not be considered without the form.

3. Printable version of the form can be found on in Terms and Conditions section.

4. Complaints will be dealt with within 14 days from the date of delivery of the returned goods.

5. In case of justified complaints, the faulty goods will be replaced for a different, of standard value, and if this is impossible (for example, due to the exhaustion range) the Shop will make a refund or will offer different available goods.

6. In exceptional circumstances complaints will be considered on the basis of a written statement attached to the returned items.

7. The written statement, attached to the returned items and signed by the party making the complaint, must contain:

- Client number;
- Address (street, house/flat number, post code, city/town);
- the items name, number, and how many are being  returned;
- reason for submitting the complaint;
- if the Clients wishes to receive the refund into the bank account, also the account number and the account owner’s name.

8. Returned items must be sent to the Shop’s address.

§ 8. [Privacy policy]

    MYROOM applies all possible data security systems for managing the personal data. Submitting personal information when logging and shopping with us are sent in encrypted connection. 

    The Seller is entitled to use the personal information only as indicated, to implement the sales contract concluded between the Parties.

    All the personal data of the Purchaser, under the  Data Protection Act, which the Seller collects and processes according to extent specified in point 1, will be stored and processed  in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act from 29 August 1997.

    We do not disclose any information about our customers or members to any third-party.

    In accordance with the provisions of the Act set out in point. 2, the Purchaser shall have the right to access, update and revise its data processed by the Seller.

§ 9. [Final provisions]

    In matters not covered by these rules Civil Code rules will be applied and special laws governing the consumer sales.

    These Regulations came into force 01.03.2011

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