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Select from the following forms of payment for goods ordered:

   * Credit card - if you pay by credit card, provide your card details on a special website Płatnoś Shop does not receive any information about your card details from Płatnoś, only confirmation of payment authorization. In some cases (for amounts in excess of 2,000 - 3,000 PLN) Płatnoś may request order confirmation. It should be confirmed within 24 hours (click on the link sent to your email account). After this time the transaction will be cancelled.

    * Direct bank transfer - after placing the order, money should be transferred to our bank account.
Account number: Alior Bank 02 2490 0005 0000 4600 9183 9020
Title: Order number, Name and Surname of the person ordering the goods

     * Internet transfer (so-called high-speed transfer) - you can use the fast transfer from multiple banks (ING Bank Śląski, mTRANSFER, Płacę z Inteligo, MultiTransfer, Przelew24, Pekao24, Płać z Nordea and others). No need to remember or enter the recipient information and bank account number. Fast payment support. Payment by bank transfer takes place at your bank, and the bank provides a secure transaction.
Every sent package has a receipt attached. The receipt is a proof of purchase in the shop, and is needed in case of submitting a complaint. If you requite a VAT invoice please state it in the order form.

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