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* Our furniture is made in Poland.

* It is made from varnished MDF. The furniture is elegant and has a durable construction. It will last for years!!!

* To save you time, the vast majority of our furniture is delivered pre-assembled. Please ask for details at our shop.

* The drawers have wooden knobs and pull out on covered drawer guides produced by a renowned German company Häfele. The guides have an automatic soft closing system, and their construction allows lifting the drawer front if it collapses under access loading and long-term use. The use of such guides ensures safety, and protects the child from slamming on their fingers.

* Each product consists of sides and fronts connected firmly with roller nuts and WWI bolts. Solid design makes furniture for years.

* Used paints meet EN-71:1994/3 ‘Toy safety’ standards authorizing their use for children's furniture, as they contain no hazardous chemical components.


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